Kindergarten Admissions

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10 Traits of a Quality Christian Kindergarten Program

1. Christ-centered culture.
From daily lesson content to weekly chapel services led by local LCMS pastors, everything we do at Sioux Falls Lutheran School revolves around learning how to faithfully and lovingly serve God and our neighbors.

2. Project-based instruction. Our kindergarten teacher uses a hands-on approach that keeps students engaged throughout the school year. She centers lessons in each individual subject around a common theme for each unit, and tailors instruction to specific student interests and needs.

3. Individualized attention for each child. Our elementary teachers use The Daily 5 - an approach that promotes independent work in a small group setting - to strengthen reading, writing, and math skills. In addition to helping students develop independence and accountability, The Daily 5 provides teachers with opportunities to administer more one-on-one instruction and individual assessments.

4. Math and reading resources. Foundational math and reading skills are strengthened through the use of classroom resources, including manipulatives, technology, and a word wall referenced by students during reading and writing time. Our kindergartners also spend time reading with buddies from our middle school twice each month.

5. Specials. In addition to core subjects, we incorporate art, music, physical education, and Spanish into our school day. Our music program is particularly strong and includes classroom music and Suzuki-based violin instruction in kindergarten.

6. Active or zoned recess. Our kindergartners participate in zoned recess multiple times every day. The program provides a physically and emotionally safe “zoned” play space that promotes improved student health, behavior, and academics. Activities are determined by our Active Recess Committee and rotate through zones on a weekly basis. In 2017, our program was identified by National Lutheran Schools Accreditation as a “research-based, powerful, and replicable” best practice.

7. Brain boosts. An extension of our zoned recess program, our classroom movement integration program incorporates “brain boosts” into the school day every 20 minutes. The boosts are designed to increase brain activity and help students get 30-60 minutes of daily physical activity, which helps improve academic performance and overall wellbeing.  

8. Constructive use of technology. Our kindergarten classroom contains one iPad mini for every two students as well as a smartboard. Technology is incorporated into instruction on a daily basis in a variety of ways, including during The Daily 5 and brain breaks.

9. Practical conflict resolution strategies. At Sioux Falls Lutheran School, we use resources from Peacemaker Ministries to teach our students Christ-centered conflict resolution skills. By following the Christ-centered four-step process, our students learn problem-solving skills that will serve them well throughout the course of their lives.

10. Strong community. As kindergartners, our students are welcomed into family groups comprised of students in grades K-8. Group members work together throughout the school year to complete a variety of service projects and activities. Kindergartners participate in numerous other multi-grade activities throughout the year, including music programs and field day.

Applying for Admission

Our admissions process begins with a visit to Sioux Falls Lutheran School, which provides families with the opportunity to meet our teachers, administrator, and admissions director. Please use the resources below to schedule your appointment. We look forward to meeting you!

How to Schedule a Visit

Call our secretary, Mrs. Kay Herrig, at 605-335-1923.

Email our admissions director, Mrs. Megan Baedke, at