Tuition Assistance



Our Biblical Philosophy Regarding Tuition Assistance

Informed by God’s purpose and guided by our Bible-based mission, vision, and values, we believe that Christian education is not simply a product or commodity. It is a ministry. It is a commitment. It is a sacrifice and a priority—for our supporting churches, donors, parents, teachers, and staff. It is also an opportunity—a connection between your child’s needs, your family’s values, and our school’s mission.

That is why, at Sioux Falls Lutheran School, the first and most important consideration is what is best for your child’s spiritual and academic future. This philosophy applies to every area of our ministry, including tuition and the allocation of tuition assistance, and will be explored during your family’s Educational Success Consultation.  

We also recognize that finances play an important role in your family’s educational decisions. That’s why we provide up to $150,000 in scholarship assistance to qualifying families each school year. Our ultimate goal is that money will not prevent families who are willing to make their children’s Christian education a priority from attending Sioux Falls Lutheran School.


How Might Tuition Assistance at SFLS Work for Me?

“…and it was distributed to each as any had need.” (Acts 4:35b).

For several years, SFLS has successfully partnered with TADS, a third-party organization that conducts a private financial analysis to determine a family’s level of financial need. SFLS receives a confidential report outlining your financial situation, based on the information you provide.

In addition to your TADS application, the following circumstances may also impact the amount of tuition assistance awarded:

  • Funds available for tuition assistance
  • Number of parent-applicants relative to available funds
  • Number of dependents in your family
  • Number of children you have enrolled at SFLS
  • Other extenuating circumstances, as noted on the tuition assistance application

Families may be awarded up to 50% of tuition from our tuition assistance fund, depending on available resources. Tuition assistance is issued annually, and a new application must be submitted each year. Our administrator will provide application instructions during your Educational Success Consultation.

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Additional Tuition Assistance Resources

In addition to the $150,000 we make available in tuition assistance each year, you can use the following resources to help fund your child’s Christian education:

SCRIP Program
In order to help families who don’t qualify for needs-based assistance, Sioux Falls Lutheran School offers a School Tuition Reduction Incentive Program. Participating families purchase gift cards at face value through our school and use them, instead of cash or other cards, to make purchases. A percentage of each gift card you buy goes directly into an account for your child and is applied toward your child’s tuition. Check out the 2018 SCRIP Informational Brochure for a list of participating businesses.

South Dakota Partners in Education Scholarship
The South Dakota Partners in Education Tax Credit Scholarship Program provides tax credits to insurance companies who donate to a nonprofit scholarship granting organization (SGO), which then provides scholarships to private school students who meet specific income and grade requirements. Additional information about the scholarship will be provided during your Educational Success Consultation.

529 Plans
With changes to tax laws in 2018, parents can now withdraw up to $10,000 per student per year, tax-free, from a 529 plan to cover the cost of tuition at private K-12 schools.

Association Church + Private Donor Tuition Assistance Funds
Several Sioux Falls Lutheran School Association Churches have established needs-based tuition assistance funds for children of the congregation who attend SFLS. In addition, private donors who contribute to our school often have a Christian interest in providing tuition assistance to those in need.

Payment Plans
Our team of committed administrators and finance personnel are available to assist your family in putting together a reasonable tuition payment plan in order to make Christian education at SFLS a reality for your child.

Applying for Admission

Our admissions process begins with an Educational Success Consultation. The complementary visit with our administrator, Mrs. Tia Esser, is designed to help us understand your family’s needs and give you a true understanding of what it means to receive a Sioux Falls Lutheran School education. It also provides opportunities to meet our teachers and tour our facility.

To schedule your Educational Success Consultation, contact our admissions director, Mrs. Megan Baedke, at 605-335-1923. We look forward to meeting you!