academics.jpgIn addition to providing the finest Christian education, we offer a comprehensive academic package; comprised of exclusive liberal & fine art instruction, Spanish education (K-8), and higher level learning opportunities.

According to the National Association for Music Education's Website (2011), "There is a growing body of evidence that arts instruction can significantly strengthen students' academic performance" (para. 1).

The Arts

We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. (Romans 12:6)

At Sioux Falls Lutheran School, we take pride in our tremendous music program and believe music is an important component of education, both because of the life-long benefits of musical knowledge but also because it positively impacts verbal ability, visual ability, and mathematical ability.
Music is a large part in the life of children today; from the radio to the church to ipods. Singing or playing music allows kids to express themselves, promotes creativity, encourages teamwork, and develops a life-enriching skill.

We offer several opportunities unique to other Sioux Falls schools.

  • PreK-8 classrom instruction
  • 6th grade guitar curriculum for all students
  • Individual lessons on campus: vocal & instrumental
  • Chorus
  • Band
  • Suzuki Philosophy Violin
  • Various choral and instrumental ensembles
  • Tone Chimes

Art history education and art expression remain key for a student's overall growth and development. The Sioux Falls Lutheran School Art program beautifully blends art history with unique art projects for all grade levels.

At SFLS, we uncover every layer of Language Arts–from linguistics to literature. In addition to English Language Arts, SFLS students receive Spanish Language instruction from Kindergarten through 8th grade. The 8th grade class now has the option to take Spanish I for high school credit.

Highly Trained Staff
From grades Pre-K through 8, our dedicated staff challenge, coach and encourage students to grow both spiritually and academically. One hundred percent of our faculty members are considered highly trained, with nearly fifty percent of staff having earned Masters degrees.