3 & 4 Year Old Preschool

Please view our 2017-2018 Preschool Brochure to read more about programming, schedules, etc.  

3-Year-Old Half Day Classes                         
2-half days a week AM or PM classes       DSC_0929.JPG
Tues/Thurs AM 8:45-11:15am
Tues/Thurs PM 12:45-3:15am

3-Year-Old All Day Classes
½ day Preschool & ½ day Enrichment
Tues/Thurs AM & PM 8:45am-3:15pm

4-Year-Old Half Day Classes
3-half days a week AM or PM classes
Mon/Wed/Fri AM 8:45-11:15am
Mon/Wed/FriPM 12:45-3:15pm

4-Year-Old All Day Classes
½ day Preschool & ½ day Enrichment
Mon/Wed/Fri AM & PM 8:45am-3:15pm

3 Year Old Preschool Registration 2017-2018

4 Year Old Preschool Registration 2017-2018

A letter from our Preschool Director, Mrs. Sandy Tams

Dear Parents,

“Why? What? When? How?” are questions you have likely heard your children ask. Preschool is a place where young children learn to answer those questions as they play with other children and adults. Our curriculum is designed to capitalize on your child's natural curiosity and promote development by supplying a rich variety of experiences. Additionally, because preschool is perhaps the first time your child will be separated from you and familiar surroundings, we will help your child develop appropriate ways of relating to new friends and other adults, to share, and to develop self-control and responsibility in a safe, warm, loving, Christ-centered environment.

IMG_0215.JPGOur educational program is informal and flexible. We teach academics the way young children learn-through a hands-on, play-based curriculum. Because children are naturally creative, we offer ample opportunities to enhance their creativity through art, music, and play. Large muscles are developed through activities such as running, skipping, jumping, and creative movements. Fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination are built through finger plays, puzzles, manipulative toys and art activities. Sensory discrimination experiences are provided by comparing and contrasting colors, shapes, and sizes. Language development, number concepts, and reading readiness will also be explored. Your child's spiritual development will be enhanced through simple prayers, songs, Bible stories, art projects, and monthly "Chapel Time" provided by our community’s Missouri Synod Lutheran pastors.

Field trips are offered to our 4 and 5-year-old classes, and a variety of community helpers come for educational visits as well to all of our classes. Twice monthly, teachers trained in the Kindermusik© method visit each classroom and build on your child’s natural love of music with fun songs, instruments, and musical play. Once or twice each month, the children learn to cook by making their own snacks. And finally, our year is highlighted with annual child-led Christmas services and the 4 and 5-year-old graduation ceremonies.

Please feel free to drop by your child’s classroom anytime! Thank you for allowing us to serve your child during this very special time in their lives.

God’s richest blessings,

Mrs. Sandy Tams
Preschool Director