Fantastic Fives Program

5-Year-Old Half-Day Classes
Five (5) half-days per week (AM class)
Mon/Tues/Wed/Thur/Fri AM 8:20 -11:15am

Fantastic Fives All-Day 
½ day Fantastic Fives + ½ day enrichment
Mon/Tues/Wed/Thur/Fri 8:30am-3:15pm

We encourage all preschool families to bring their children in for a visit to observe our hands-on, play-based environment. To schedule your visit, contact our admissions director, Mrs. Megan Baedke, at 605-335-1923.

The Benefits of Waiting an Extra Year for Kindergarten 

Five is not the magic age to enter Kindergarten. A child's birthday does not mean that all aspects of development come together on that day. Children develop at different rates; and even within a child, different skills necessary for Kindergarten develop at different times. While a child may be ready academically, they may need more time for social, emotional, or motor skills to develop.

If your teacher suggests that another year of preschool may be beneficial, we ask you to consider giving your child the gift of time. What are the benefits to waiting?

More confidence: Allowing another year to grow and mature will foster confidence. As a child becomes more proficient in tasks that were previously difficult, the child gains confidence in other areas of their life as well. Most develop more of a "can-do" attitude.

More leadership skills: Most children who complete another year of preschool become leaders of their class. Now that they are part of the older students and already had a year of preschool, they naturally fall into a leadership role.

If you are considering the Fantastic Fives program, consider the following list of Kindergarten-readyskills as they apply to your child:

  • Can your child jump and hop? 
  • Can your child handle snaps, buttons, and zippers? 
  • Does your child make friends easily? 
  • Does your child participate in group activities? 
  • Can your child control their own behavior much of the time? 
  • Can your child sit still and listen to a story? 
  • Can your child sustain their attention for a 20 minute period? 
  • Can your child write their name, holding their pencil correctly? 
  • Can your child follow multi-step directions? 
  • Does your child recognize most letters of the alphabet and numbers 1-10
  • Can your child cut on a line, holding the scissors correctly? 
  • Can your child take turns? 
  • Can your child repeat a pattern? 

While you weigh your options, be sure to consult with your child's preschool teacher. Observing next year's Kindergarten class to see what other children are doing can also provide valuable insight. Whatever you decide, do not forget to consult the Master Teacher himself, Jesus. Our prayers are with you as you make this decision.

We encourage all preschool families to bring their children in for a visit to observe our hands-on, play-based environment. To schedule your visit, contact our admissions director, Mrs. Megan Baedke, at 605-335-1923.