Sioux Falls Lutheran School is committed to providing a high-quality learning environment where play-based academics and the love of Jesus Christ are intertwined in equipping children to be World Ready, Faith Secure. Since 1977, our certified early childhood teachers have shepherded over 5,000 young minds to know Jesus and have laid foundational skills to help them excel academically.

After 12 years of recognition as a Local Best preschool, we are grateful and honored to be named the number one preschool in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, this year.

Flexible Enrollment Options
for the 2019-2020 School Year

To best serve your family, we offer flexible scheduling options for children ages three and up. After exploring our preschool program on the following pages, we encourage you to bring your child in for a visit to observe our hands-on, play-based program in action.

Contact our admissions director, Mrs. Megan Baedke, at 605-335-1923 to schedule your visit. 

What families are saying:

"I trust that our kids are safe and cared for at SFLS. I know they are learning at a rapid rate in each school subject, and most importantly–they are learning about how to be a Christian." –Brian, SFLS Parent

"Miss Miller and Mrs. Lenz have been the MOST amazing teachers I have ever encountered! My daughter loves going to SFLS, and looks forward to school EVERYDAY. We chose SFLS for her because of the mission, religion, and overall programs available to our child throughout the whole day." –Kali, SFLS Parent