Alumnae Inducted into National Honor Society for World Languages


As immersion programs continue to grow in popularity, there is something to be said for slow yet consistent exposure to new languages.

Last spring, Anna Shane, Bria Berg, and Kristina Pike, all of whom graduated from Sioux Falls Lutheran School in 2015, were inducted into the National Honor Society for World Languages. During their time at SFLS, the girls were part of a class that began studying Spanish in kindergarten. Today they are quick to credit their success with the language to that early exposure.

“The Spanish education that I received from SFLS tremendously impacted my experience with the language in high school,” Shane said. “Those nine years of learning the fundamentals and laying down the basics made me extremely prepared. I had a leg up on most of the other students in my class freshman year, because I had been hearing the language and learning pronunciation for all of that time. It programmed my brain to pick up the high school material faster.” 

The trio of SFLS alumnae, along with other inductees, was recognized during a special ceremony last May. During the coming school year, they will participate in meetings and activities that provide opportunities to meet other individuals who share a passion for the Spanish language.

“I am looking forward to being able to surround myself with students and teachers who share the desire to teach and help everyone involved to become more fluent in Spanish,” Pike said.

To qualify for the National Honor Society for World Languages, students must be enrolled in a Spanish III course or higher, have a 3.5 GPA in previous Spanish coursework, have a 3.0 overall GPA, and be a student of good character.

As 8th graders, students at SFLS have the opportunity to take Spanish I for high school credit. Shane, Berg, and Pike took advantage of that opportunity, which opened the door for joining the National Honor Society for World Languages a year earlier than some of their peers. Since they started high school with a Spanish credit on their transcripts, the girls will also have the opportunity to take AP Spanish for college credit during their senior year.

This fall, Sioux Falls Lutheran School is expanding its Spanish program to include Fantastic Fives students. After watching two of her own children participate in the Fantastic Fives program in recent years, Spanish teacher Mrs. Melinda Wood is excited to introduce the kindergarten prep class to the language.

“When children are little they are like super sponges,” Wood said. “They are not afraid to soak it all in and say new words. They are fearless!”