Sioux Falls Lutheran School Named #1 Preschool by Local Best

After 12 years of recognition as a Local Best preschool, we are grateful and honored to be named the number one preschool in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, this year.


Established as a preschool in 1977, Sioux Falls Lutheran School is committed to providing a high-quality learning environment where play-based academics and the love of Jesus Christ are intertwined in equipping children to be World Ready, Faith Secure. Our certified early childhood teachers have shepherded over 5,000 young minds to know Jesus and have laid foundational skills to help them excel academically.

3-yr-old preschool.JPG

As we prepare to move to a new campus in the fall of 2019, we’re introducing a brand new full-time 2-year-old class as well as flexible preschool enrollment options for ages 3 and up. Our sincerest thanks to all who voted in this year’s Local Best competition!

Contact our admissions director, Megan Baedke, at 605-335-1923 to learn more about saving a spot in our preschool program for your child during the 2019-2020 school year.