The Sioux Falls Lutheran School Difference


Each year, enrollment season blesses us with opportunities to speak with parents across Sioux Falls who have never encountered our school before. Whether they hear about us at church, from a friend, or elsewhere within the community, newcomers are often surprised by the quality and quantity of academic and extra-curricular programming available at Sioux Falls Lutheran School.

During a recent conversation with one such parent, we heard a comment that eloquently describes the hidden gem that SFLS seems to be within our community. It went something like this: “We open enrolled our child at a local public school with strong academics and a focus on the arts, but then I discovered Sioux Falls Lutheran School and realized that you’re basically several specialty schools wrapped up into one!”

This parent’s surprise and delight over a newly discovered educational gem is a sentiment we continue to encounter as more and more families come through our doors to visit. To gain a better understanding of what it is that we do within the walls of SFLS, please take a moment to read about the programming that inspires such joy and excitement among parents in our community.

Marching Band 3.jpg

Throughout their SFLS careers, students participate in a robust music program that begins in preschool and includes classroom music, Suzuki-based violin instruction, band, choir, orchestra, guitar and tone chime ensembles, and marching band. The well-researched benefits of music lessons generally and the Suzuki method specifically—especially at a young age—include improvements in spatial task performance, contextual memory, IQ, achievement scores, reading and math scores, self-discipline, self-image, rhythm, and memory (Munsey, 2006).

Beginning in Fantastic Fives, our Spanish program uses proficiency-based instruction to immerse your child in the language during class time. By speaking primarily Spanish and relying on props, visual aids, voice intonation, and body language to promote comprehension, our teacher meets individual children wherever they are in the language learning process, just as one would with a native speaker learning a language for the first time. By the time our students reach 8th grade, they have the option to take Spanish I for high school credit.

Zoned Recess & Movement Integration
At SFLS, students participate in zoned recess multiple times every day. The program provides a physically and emotionally safe “zoned” play space that promotes improved student health, behavior, and academics. An extension of our zoned recess program, our classroom movement integration program incorporates “brain boosts” into the school day every 20 minutes, or so. The boosts are designed to increase brain activity and help students get 30-60 minutes of daily physical activity, which helps improve academic performance and overall well-being.

A School of Distinction
During our most recent reaccreditation cycle through National Lutheran Schools, the accreditation team noted, “SFLS provides a challenging academic curriculum that intentionally and thoroughly integrates what we teach and believe as Christians.” Additionally, our Suzuki philosophy violin program and zoned recess practice were recognized as “powerful and replicable best practices for children.” All three factors were instrumental in our designation as a School of Distinction.

A Local Best Preschool
After 12 years of recognition as a Local Best preschool, we are grateful and honored to be named the number one preschool in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, in this year’s all-community vote. Established as a preschool in 1977, SFLS is committed to providing a high-quality learning environment where play-based academics and the love of Jesus Christ are intertwined in equipping children to be World Ready, Faith Secure. Our certified early childhood teachers have shepherded over 5,000 young minds to know Jesus and have laid foundational skills to help them excel academically.


Christ-Centered Conflict Resolution Curriculum
Because employers share that soft skills—those personal attributes that enable individuals to interact effectively and harmoniously with one another—will continue to increase in importance as our students apply for future jobs, we use resources from Peacemaker Ministries to teach Christ-centered conflict resolution skills that will serve our students throughout the course of their personal and professional lives.

You’ll often hear families from our school community talk about the Sioux Falls Lutheran School Difference. We firmly believe that it’s not what we do, but the Spirit-led how and why we do what we do at Sioux Falls Lutheran School that makes a difference in the lives of our students.

To learn more about how a Christ-centered education at SFLS can make a difference in your child’s life, contact our admissions director, Mrs. Megan Baedke, at 605-335-1923 to schedule an Educational Success Consultation—we would love to have your family join ours!



What families are saying:

“I know many parents cringe at the sound of a beginner playing the violin… the squeaks and squawks of the bow… but not me. I enjoy every single minute of it and am overcome with how wonderful the Suzuki-based program is.”
–Jen, SFLS Parent

“The Spanish education that I received from SFLS tremendously impacted my experience with the language in high school. Those 9 years of learning the fundamentals and laying down the basics programmed my brain to pick up the high school material faster. Also, SFLS allowed me to take the Spanish I course for high school credit, which in turn enables me to take AP Spanish senior year.”
–Anna, SFLS Class of 2015

“I trust that our kids are safe and cared for at SFLS. I know they are learning at a rapid rate in each school subject, and most importantly–they are learning about how to be a Christian.” 
–Brian, SFLS Parent

“Kid’s Day Out has been a great introduction to school for our boys! We love talking to our kids about what they are learning and hearing their enthusiastic responses.”
–Jamie, SFLS Mom

“Four of our grandchildren have attended preschool at Sioux Falls Lutheran School, and they have all been well prepared for kindergarten! The staff works hard to meet the educational, spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the children.”
–Ruth, SFLS Grandparent