A Message From Our Administrator:

Thank you for your interest in Sioux Falls Lutheran School (SFLS). We are honored to be considered for this important chapter in your child’s life!

At SFLS, we value faith, family, community, excellence, and safety. We are committed to partnering with parents and the church to raise lifelong learners who use their gifts and the fruits of the Spirit, in faith, to touch a troubled world with God’s grace.

Together, we create lifelong learners by:

  • transforming natural childhood curiosity into a passion for learning
  • thinking critically and working collaboratively within the classroom
  • exercising problem-solving and decision-making skills when challenges arise
  • fostering relationships across grade levels through teacher-led family group activities
  • faithfully and lovingly serving God and our neighbors

On our most recent parent satisfaction survey, we received a net promoter score (NPS) of 76, which far exceeds the average NPS of Christian schools across the nation (58) and competes with those of popular national brands like Netflix (68), Amazon (62), and Starbucks (77). One parent shared the following about their family’s SFLS experience on the survey: “I love the individual care and connection that the teachers and staff make with my children. They teach them amazing things and you can truly tell they care about my children and they are there not just for the paycheck.”

SFLS is accredited by both the State of South Dakota and National Lutheran Schools. The National Lutheran Schools Accreditation Commission named us a School of Distinction in July, 2017, for offering challenging academics in a Christian environment; employing teachers aligned in word and action with the school’s purpose and vision; serving the needs of the whole child with innovative and impactful practices and programs; creating a palpable climate of care, safety, and security; and building a community of parents, teachers, and students who recognize and appreciate the school as a healthy “family.”

That family atmosphere is felt throughout the school year as students participate in all-school activities and service-learning opportunities, sporting events and music concerts, and worship together in chapel every Wednesday morning. We have a wonderful community of Christian teachers and families who place Christ crucified at the center of their classrooms and homes, and we warmly invite you to be a part of it.

To learn more about Sioux Falls Lutheran School, please contact our admissions office at 605-335-1923. We look forward to assisting your family as you find a school home. 

Very Truly,

Mrs. Tia Esser, SFLS Executive Director