Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Wait Pool

A wait pool is a group of highly qualified families seeking admission to SFLS. While wait lists are thought of as a vertical ranking system based on “first come, first served,” our wait pool is a horizontal “pool” in which we determine admission by the following policy:

Wait Pool Policy
In the case that the classroom that you are applying for is full, you will be placed in our wait pool. Moving out of the wait pool will be determined by an opening becoming available within the classroom AND by the following considerations:

  • Is either parent of the child currently working at SFLS?
  • Does the child have any current K-12 or preschool siblings attending SFLS?
  • Does the child’s family hold membership at a SFLS association church?
  • Is the family a SFLS alumni family?
  • Does the child’s family have a church home outside of the SFLS association?
  • Does the child have any siblings who attend other schools?
  • Does the child have any previous Lutheran school experience and/or any previous experience with SFLS?
  • What schedule is the family requesting for their child?
  • Has the family completed a campus visit?
  • How long has the family been waiting for admission?

Prospective families may join the SFLS wait pool by submitting an online admissions application.

Based on your desired schedule and the age of your child, our admissions office will contact you when a position becomes available. At that time, families will be asked to complete any outstanding steps in our admissions process before admission is granted. At the preschool level, a campus visit is required. A full summary of K-12 admissions requirements is available here

Yes! Our admissions applications capture important information about your family’s desired schedule and your child’s learning style, and that information can change over time. As a result, we require all non-current SFLS students to complete a new admissions application each year (your date of original inquiry will be taken into consideration when processing applications for subsequent school years).